Queen Brooklyn is excited about rawly expressing herself through her music and will be releasing her new single titled When I’m Gone on June 5th, 2016.

Brooklyn Tankard, better known as “Queen Brooklyn” is not only a dynamic TV personality, actress and entrepreneur! She is also a gifted singer and songwriter.

“I am soooo thankful to be in the studio doing what I love and sharing another part of myself with my Queenstaz and Kingstaz. I am also thankful to be working with such a great team on my music project, especially Grammy award winning producer,  Blac “Elvis” Williams and many other greats! I truly get an adrenaline rush from making feel good music about real life that people can relate to.” she says.

Born a natural leader and world influencer she stands true to her motto “live life without limits” and is passionate about inspiring others to do the same!