Family Argument


Things may come to a boiling point on this week’s episode of Thicker Than Water.

Brooklyn Tankard has been working hard to launch her hair businesses and win her family’s respect but it looks like she’s still struggling to be understood.

When the whole family sits down for dinner not he town in Austin, emotions run high when Jewel and her sisters go at it again. Meanwhile, Junice and her husband Rock decide that a little time and space will go a long way and take a much needed break from the family.

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Once the Tankards return to Tennessee, its back to business as Brooklyn meets with her team about her upcoming beauty show and she’s doing her best to stay cool under the mounting pressure.

On cloud nine, Marcus and Tish find out the sex of their baby and Cyrene continues to prepare to leave for college.

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Check out the exclusive preview above.

Thicker Than Water airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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