CocoaFab: Brooklyn Tankard talks Music, Plastic Surgery and Making a Name for Herself


Brooklyn Tankard, the breakout star of Bravo TV’s Thicker than Water continues to be a fan favorite because she always keeps it real whether her family members want her to or not. In an exclusive interview with CocoaFab, the red hot reality star talks about her new music, acting career and wanting to leave a legacy.

Q: Your new single, “When I’m gone”, has hit the #1 spot on the soundcloud charts; can you tell me a little bit about where you get your inspiration from?

Brooklyn: Everything inspires me. God inspires me, my daughter inspires me, my man that can relate to me inspires me. I had a young lady walk up to me and say that I inspired her to change her life and live her dreams no matter what anybody has to say, and that alone inspires me. I live my life to the fullest. It is a fulfillment that comes with tapping into [my] personality and owning it.

Q: During season three you had some concerns about your dad supporting your music career, how has that now changed?

Brooklyn: It’s been interesting for sure with the music process and trying to get my dad’s support. Now ever since my music is number one on the Soundcloud charts he has been very receptive of it and starting to see that it can be a real career option for me. It’s not a joke, it’s not a game, and he is starting to see that I am really serious about this. He definitely respects my music career now and even goes to social media to promote my music. That’s his way of saying, “I see you baby.” Moving forward I would really like to see his support on the front end of things but right now I am happy with him supporting me and excited about the music and him being on board.

Q: You have been very open in the past about going under the knife, what made you want to explore plastic surgery?

Brooklyn: I think it is a choice that everyone has the right to make and be conscious of what’s best for you. I’m a fashionista, I love fashion and I’m big into health. I have lost weight on my own but I still wasn’t able to get rid of my belly roll so I got a tummy tuck. I am a performer and I love to dance. I’m very energetic and I can’t have belly rolls! Being in the fashion and beauty industry made me want to get it as well. I like to look good when I look in the mirror and have the Coca-Cola figure.

Q: Have you seen personal growth throughout the three seasons of Thicker Than Water?

Brooklyn: Absolutely. My image came up but then also my business savvy. My hair business is continuing to grow and my first hair expo is coming up and that is something I’m really excited about.  My music is just another level of me trusting myself and not listening to what other people have to say. This my life at the end of the day and I want to leave a legacy so I can push and support my daughter Diamond in her endeavors. I can’t let anybody stop that and I have to be the best me and trust my intuition while still  chasing my dreams. Other people’s reactions to your dreams do not matter. I have just finished up in my first movie [called Hav Faith] which is in 400 theaters and doing my first lead role in October. I am living my dreams!

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 2-3 years?

Brooklyn: Well, hopefully some more hit singles! But I see myself touring, acting in multiple types of films. I am going to continue to expand. I am an entertainer so I don’t want to put myself in a box. I will always continue to advance. A lot of times people are not happy because they are not real with themselves and it feels so good when you are real with yourself. Sometimes that means motivating yourself.

Q: What can we expect from the season finale? 

Brooklyn: I will be performing my single on the season finale which is really exciting because my single release is that day as well. I will be releasing a visual album at the end of August and the “I am Royalty” project.  “When I’m Gone” is the first single off my visual album.

Be sure to check out Brooklyn’s new song, “When I’m Gone”, available on iTunes and Google Play June 5th.

Tune in to Thicker than Water season finale Sunday June 5th 9/8c on Bravo and check out this sneak peak:

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