Profession: Mother, Celebrity Hairline Owner, Philanthropist, and Driven Entrepreneur. Brooklyn Tankard, better known as “Queen Brooklyn”, is a mother, celebrity hairline owner, philanthropist, and driven entrepreneur. Having produced innovative state of the art hair and fashion events, Queen Brooklyn continues to make her mark in the beauty industry. After years of preparation and hard work she is now celebrating the successful launch of Queen Brooklyn’s Virgin Hair (QBVH), which specializes in importing the world’s most luxurious hair to other “Queens” around the world.Queen Brooklyn truly enjoys empowering women to embrace their true self-worth and natural beauty. In addition to attending and hosting national premiere charity functions and society galas, she participates in self-empowerment workshops and conventions that uplift women and young people. Annually, Queen Brooklyn has a hair and fashion explosion that benefits cancer survivors. She has helped to provide multiple scholarships to men and women living with cancer. slice Truly a community player, she loves to inspire others and give back.This inspirational God-fearing woman does not hesitate to share her troublesome past and life challenges. With full transparency, she shares her story to show others that regardless of how dark your past has been, it doesn’t dictate how bright your future can be! “I’ve learned to allow my past to be my teacher and stepping stone to catapult me towards my future”, Brooklyn says. Queen Brooklyn is an authentic literary talent, and loves writing. She will release her debut novel, The Detour to Destiny, in 2014, which will further highlight her personal story of tragedy to triumph.As a fiercely driven entrepreneur, she is faced daily with the challenge to maintain balance with work, motherhood, and family. Queen Brooklyn is a devoted and loving mother to her ten year-old daughter, Diamond. slice A wide-eyed gorgeous little fashionista, Diamond loves designing clothes, dancing and modeling. The apple of her mother’s eye, she wants the best things in life and is much like her mom in that regard. Most of all, she loves to be the center of attention and enjoys being the only grandchild in the Tankard family!